Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another Blizzard

Another Blizzard

I wanted to ride, yesterday, but there was yet another blizzard. It was my night to feed, so I battled the weather to get out to the barn. The snow wasn’t as bad as the wind. That meant the doors of the arena were banging like crazy—not a good night to ride. Kevin and I cleaned our stalls and let the horses play in the arena. Then, I led Cruiser on his therapy walk, and the doors were still banging. I gave up—figuring I could get home a little earlier. They actually stop plowing the roads in my city at 10:00. On snowy days, I don’t like to get home much past that. Usually, they do keep the big hills plowed.

So I jumped right into feeding. We hay and water around 30 horses. Would you believe by the time I was done that the wind stopped—the storm was over. I didn’t want to take Cole from his hay, so I just spent some time grooming him while he ate. He has finally decided to shed a little. Cruiser and Ranger have been shedding for a few weeks. Dante is still holding off. Maybe he knows something we don’t—or else horses from the mountains of West Virginia have evolved to wait to shed until it is really spring.

The weather in the future is going to be above freezing, but not enough to thaw the ice on the trail. I miss trail riding so much. It has been since early January. Right now, it looks like it won’t be until April. At least it won’t be so cold.


aurora said...

Hang in there, warmer days are coming, I hope!

Hannah said...

It has been the opposite over here lately - warm, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky. Hopefully the good weather heads over your way soon too!

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Wow--30 horses?!? Thanks for visiting Spitty Speaks! Nice to meet you--the Human thinks horsies are beauteous though she has never ridden one!