Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Thursday, my sister and I took the day off to ride in the morning and wait for the farrier in the evening. The river was a little high, so she rode Dante in the arena while I led Cruiser. We then took Ranger and Cole and a very lovely ride. We waited and waited for the farrier. Turns out—he forgot about us. This is the first in 26 years, so I guess we will forgive him. He may be getting senile, but we will keep him—he’s a great guy and a great farrier.

On Saturday, since my sister hadn’t ridden Dante across the river because it was too high in a couple of weeks, it was cold and windy, and it made her nervous, she said I could ride him! Yes! I was happy to take him out on a ride. She rode Ranger—and it turned out that I had the easier horse. Ranger bounced out of the barn, kitten bucked on the trail and was just full of energy. Dante was feeling good, too, but all he did was try to trot a few times when we wanted to walk. We had a nice ride to the second river with a lot of trotting. Ellen got to watch him, too, so she could see how pretty he is.

This left me free to ride Cole with Starry. That meant I could go fast! Starry and Cole like to travel quickly together, and Cole was really feeling his oats. We had speed, some bucks and a very exciting ride. Starry behaved—he just had to keep up with Cole

On Sunday, Ellen rode Dante with me on Cole. This time, we crossed Dante’s difficult river. He walked very slowly down the bank, but he made it. Crossing went well. We did a lot of trotting and then turned around and came home. We crossed the river and did a bunch more trotting. It was fun. Cole was more himself and not the crazy horse of the day before.

Ellen then took Ranger on a ride and Kevin and I hiked along.

Cruiser keeps improving. He is trotting in hand faster and with longer strides. Things are looking bright.

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achieve1dream said...

Yay Cruiser!! Sounds like a good weekend!