Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cruiser feeling better--and Cole feeling full of himself.

The picture is Dante.

Cruiser seems to be over whatever it was that made him go off his feed. We did switch his grain from Safe N Easy to Triple Crown Senior. It has a little less carbs, more fiber and smells much more palatable. That wasn’t the problem, though, because he wasn’t finishing his alfalfa cubes, either. Now, he is eating everything. It is wonderful. I was so worried.

On Monday, I was only able to work Cole on the hill since the river was too high. It was very overcast, too, so I didn’t have very much time. It was the first cool day we had in a while, so he was very, very hyper. On the second trip up, we saw a raccoon run across the trail, and he bucked and tried to go after it. After that, I decided that 2 trips was enough. We went back to the barn and I led him to the back of the property and then took him in the arena and did some in-hand work. With Cole, that means trick. We did park, bow, silly walk and big, bold trot in hand. Each time, the trot got bigger and more spectacular because I was clicking him for it. He is such a show off.

The river was down, yesterday, so Kevin and I took Starry and Cole on a quick 40 minute ride before the sun went down. Cole had wings on his feet, again. When we got to the spot that I like to canter, I kept him at a trot—and we flew. It is so exciting to ride a trot like that. Starry had to canter to keep up. I kept hearing Kevin saying I should slow down, and I just told him I was only trotting. We trotted on the way home, but we kept Starry in front. He goes speedy, but sensibly. Cole knows he must follow other horses quietly, so it settled him right down—and we got home before dark. I am going to miss these short and intense rides. It won’t be much longer, and we just won’t have time left to do it.

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