Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Very limited trail riding

It’s been a week and a half since the time changed, and by now, I would be blogging all about my evening rides. Well, the weather hasn’t been cooperating. It has been rainy, snowy or the river has been high. I did lead Cole twice on the hill to the high river—it is much warmer to lead than ride. The first time, he was horrible—bucking, spooking and prancing about. When I took him the second time, he was much better.

We did get a nice ride on Sunday with Cole and Ranger. It was cold, though. We did a lot of walking and a little trotting—then walked all the way home. I think it was less than an hour since they walked so fast.

This weekend coming up doesn’t look a whole lot better. Sigh. I could really use some good trail riding right now.

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Paint Girl said...

I totally understand about the weather! I can't wait to start trail riding again. Just have to wait for decent weather and get my ponies back in shape. I did put my filly back to work on Monday after having 6 months off, but weather still pretty inconsistent.