Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Books

Books sales are just about non existent these days, and I fear it is because I haven’t been promoting my books, enough. So, since I don’t have much to write about this month—being one of limited trail riding—I will talk about my books. It is often hard for me to blow my own horn, but I will give it a try.

“Trail Training for the Horse and Rider” is an excellent how-to book for teaching both the horse and rider the ins and outs of trail riding. I address starting a green horse on the trail, retraining the problem horse, how to manage various problems that arise while on trail and how to cope with weather and emergencies. Through out the book, I tell you of my own experiences and how I learned from them. You will also see plenty of pictures of Cruiser, Ranger and my dear-departed Mingo. It is a helpful and entertaining book.

Now, what you won’t get in this book is a single word on clicker training. I had never even heard of it when I wrote it. For those of you who are sick of me talking about it, you might like that. By the way, this book did win Independent Publisher Book Award.

I know that there are some of you out there that don’t need a book like that, but maybe you know someone who does? It makes great gifts.

My second book is “Trail Horse Adventures and Advice.” If you like my newsletters, this book is for you. It is the first three years of the best of my newsletters. I’ve got a lot of fun stories in it which, like my newsletters, gives you advice at the same time. This handy little paperback is a fun book to read, and it has a lot of little pictures of the horses—including some of Starry. I really enjoyed writing this book because I got to relive a lot of good memories. I invite you to join Ellen and I in our early adventures.

Both of my books are available from most online book sellers and direct from the publishers. There is more ordering information at the bottom of this newsletter.


achieve1dream said...

I bought the first one and loved it. Even though I've trail ridden my whole life there was valuable information in there that I never even thought of.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I too can attest to the first book being a great resource. I've still got it and will pull it off the shelf to review since I'm out on the trails now.

Judi said...

I'm so glad you both like it! NuzMuz, I have enjoyed reading about your excursions out on the trails. You are doing great. Acheive--I hope you get Chrome out and about a lot. He certainly seems to have a good mind for a trail horse. It must be bacause you've been taking him on walks since he was a baby.