Tuesday, February 26, 2013

House Cat Tip of the Month – Feed the Birds

House Cat Tip of the Month – Feed the Birds

This seems like a no brainer, and I always did the feed the birds in our bird feeder. Thunder used to watch the birds, but not consistently. It didn’t seem like such a big deal.

When I bought him his tower, I placed it in front of a different window that overlooked the front patio—on the other side of the house. I started to toss the food on the patio, and it works so much better. The birds and squirrels are much closer. I can even put it on the window sill, and they will eat it off there—even with Thunder staring down at them; swishing his tail.

On the days where there is snow on the ground, I can see all the prints. It is no wonder Thunder enjoys it so much.

Now, each morning, he will asks me to open the curtains so he can start to hunt. Close by is his favorite chair. I heat up his Snuggle Safe so he can either hunt from his tower, or if his feet are cold he can warm them up on the chair.

I have made one happy cat.

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