Monday, October 22, 2012

Frustrations getting better

I got to ride Cruiser!!! Yes, the swelling on his face went down enough to ride. His lip was still puffy, so I rode him in a side pull hackamore instead of his bridle with a bit. On Friday, we just rode around in the arena and driveway to make sure he was all right. Saturday and Sunday we went down the trail. My sister rode Cole with us. Cruiser doesn’t have good breaks, anymore, and even less in the side pull. Cole has excellent brakes. I figured as long as my sister could stop Cole, I could stop Cruiser. We had no problems at all, and the rides were great.

More good news—Ranger is improving. My sister rode him all 3 days in the arena and driveway. By Sunday, he was only lame when he went the sore direction when she pushed him to go faster. His split heel is feeling more solid, too. I can’t wait until he can go on the trail, again—hopefully it will be before the weather goes sour.

My overall mood is improving as the horses improve. They are so important for my coping with the loss of my father. That goes for my little angel cat, Thunder. Animals can really make a difference in a person’s life.

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achieve1dream said...

Yes they do! I'm glad everyone is feeling better. :)