Monday, October 15, 2012


Life just hasn’t been going smoothly, lately. When I went to bridle Cruiser on Wednesday, he simply wouldn’t cooperate. That’s when I noticed he had a fat lip—a really, really fat lip. Somehow, he must have bruised it. It hurt him a lot. I managed to get a halter on him, and we have been hand walking instead of riding, ever since. It did look considerably better, yesterday, but I’m not sure when I will be able to ride.

My sister’s horse, Ranger, had a terrible abscess that blew out and made a mess of his hoof. He hasn’t been able to be ridden, either, so it has been quite a bummer. We saw improvement with him, yesterday, too. Still, it may be a while before he is on the stony trails.

My sister and I have been sharing Cole Train. She likes him a lot, but it’s never the same if you aren’t on your own horse.

So we are both off of work tomorrow with only one horse to ride between us. Hopefully, my boyfriend will take pity on us and lend us Starry, again. We also plan to finish rebuilding my garden wall that was collapsing. So, even if the riding isn’t what we want, the day won’t be lost.

On the good side, it looks like I sold my car. I inherited my father’s car, so I didn’t need two cars. His has a tenth of the miles (15,000) that my Camaro has, so it is the smart thing to do, but I confess, I will miss my Camaro. I had it nearly 13 years, and it is the fifth in a series of great Camaros that I have owned. I now will be driving a sensible, economical Ford Focus. Time to grow up, I guess. (I hate driving a rear wheel car in the winter, so this really is a good thing.)

Before the potential new owners came out for a test drive, I had the windows open to air it out. I hope they won’t mind the smell of horses!


achieve1dream said...

Awww goodbye Camaro!! We will miss you! LOL! I love Camaros!

So sorry about Cruiser's fat lip. That is so weird. I hope he heals up quickly.

Judi said...

I miss driving a Camaro--bigtime. My brother got my dad's and I suppose he will let me drive it sometimes. It is a '67 convertible.

I got my dad's 1961 Metropolitan. I'm sure you never heard of them, but look it up. Not a Camaro--by a long shot--but still a cute car. It doesn't run right now, but it did years ago when he put it in the garage.

Cruiser's lip healed in a week and a half. I still have no idea what that was all about. Once his lip healed, his cough got bad, so I have barely ridden him since.

achieve1dream said...

I'll look up the car. You're right I've never heard of it hehe.

That's weird about Cruiser. I wonder if the swollen lip was allergy related too?? It's possible, but weird that it would take so long to heal. I'm glad he's doing better though.