Friday, September 28, 2012

House Cat Tip of the Month – The Tower

House Cat Tip of the Month – The Tower

I have always wanted to get Thunder a fancy piece of cat furniture, but my dad didn’t want huge cat towers in the house. When my dad was sick and no longer mobile, I was feeling really down and out (of course.) I splurged and, without telling him what I did, I bought Thunder a multi-level cat tower. It has 5 scratching posts and 3 levels. Thunder was fascinated when I was assembling it. Once I stood it up, it took him 20 seconds to get to the top.

He loves his tower. He sharpens his claws on it all the time, and sleeps on the highest level and is always climbing up and down. He will curl up on the top of it and just purr and purr while I pet him. I put it in front of a picture window, so it has really improved his “hunting.” He has more fun with his tower than anything I have ever gotten him. I’m sure if my dad is looking down at us, he would be smiling, too.

The tip of the month is not necessarily getting your cat a cat tower to play with, but to not wait to get something really fun for you cat—and yourself. I wish I would have got the tower for Thunder long ago…Dad wouldn’t have minded once he saw us.

Life is too short to miss out on an opportunity to have a little fun.

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