Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More rain

It rained again! When I got out to the barn, it did stop in time for me to ride Cruiser down to the river and back a couple times. I’m sure it won’t be crossable until Wednesday—and they predict more rain on Wednesday. This has been such an incredibly rainy year.

I rode Cole in the arena. In spite of it being his 6th straight day of riding, he still had some energy left. I can tell he needs a break, so I think he will be happy to have today off. Me too. Actually, I am doing something very important this evening. I am signing papers on a house I am buying with my brother that we are going to use as a rental property. It is just a tiny one that is close to where we live. It was a foreclosure, so we got a good deal on it. We hope to have renters by spring. There are things we want to do to it, but they are all aesthetic. The house is quite solid, and it has a 2 car garage. It’s in a good neighborhood with good schools. I hope it works out. It is always scary purchasing something that is more than 3 digits—and this is 5 digits!

Back to horses, since that is what this blog is about. With the shortening of the daylight hours, I am going to start going out to the barn right after work instead of going home to eat, first. That way, I will be able to get a quick trail ride on Cruiser before sunset. Cole will just have to wait for the weekends. He is fun to ride in the arena, so I don’t mind.


Emme said...

Good luck on the rental. I work in that industry and know how hairy it can get. EEEK

Judi said...

I keep telling myself that the greater the risk, the greater the reward. It's like buying a 4-year-old stallion that has never been ridden. I took a chance, and it paid off, bigtime. I'd be happy if this pays off, little time.

achieve1dream said...

Congrats on the rental property. It sounds like it shouldn't be a problem at all to rent out. :)

Don't the shorter days already totally suck?? I'm sick of the cold already and it's barely gotten below fifty degrees so far lol.

Over here the beginning of the year started out really rainy so I had high hopes, but we ended up and had a very dry summer. Sigh. Dang weather. I hope it dries up soon over there before everything turns to soup. :)