Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

I always consider this weekend to be the beginning of riding season.  By now, the horses are in shape, we are in shape, the weather starts to cool, and best of all, I always find myself with a lot of vacation time left over.  We have 2 long weekends, besides this long weekend, in September, alone.

Tomorrow, my younger neice is coming out to ride. We will take the 3 horses out together.  It is the only time we get to take the whole herd out for a trail ride.  It's supposed to be really hot.  I'm sure we will mostly walk with a little light trotting mixed in.

Sunday, if the river is on the lower side, we want to venture out beyond the big river crossing with Cole and Ranger.  We haven't done it, yet.  I want the river to be low for th first time. This crossing is not only deeper, but about 3 times the width of the other crossings.  The trails on the other side were in bad shape, but they are finally starting to repair them.  When they are done, they will be better than they have been in years.

Monday, we will take Ranger and Cole up to the show ring trails and bop about up there.  Of course, both days, I will tak Cruise on a ride, too.

Yesterday, the farrier was out.  Cole was better than last time.  I can tell my farrier likes him.  Not only has he not said a negative thing about him, (unusual for any horse) but he compliments his good behaviour and said he really likes his face.  Compliments are few and far between from him.  We love our farrier.  We have used him for 24+ years.  But he isn't always the most positive guy around.

I rode Cole in the indoor on Wednesday, and he improved over the last arena ride in there a week ago.  I love that I am riding him on the trail so much that we aren't getting in the arena often.  Of course, it will change in a few months, but the shadow of winter never keeps me from enjoying Fall.  I love Fall in Cleveland.


Mary said...

I do miss the fall there. We lived on 3 acres and most of it was Maple trees, there was a ton of raking to do, but I always enjoyed the beautiful show before the massive clean up. I really miss Ohio.

achieve1dream said...

I wish Chrome were older so I could be out there riding this fall!!! Such a waste of beautiful weather. Maybe I will be able to get some riding in on friends' horses. :)

Cole is an awesome horse and totally deserves the compliments your farrier gives.