Thursday, September 7, 2017



Ranger’s breathing is so improved, that Ellen decided to try riding him, again.  She rode him a few times in the spring, but that has been it.  Remember, she retrained him for saddling.  Though he isn’t perfect, he is so much better than he was--it takes the saddling obstacle out of the picture.

Her first time up, she planned to ride him a few laps in the arena, and if that went well, they would ride outside.  He was fine for the saddling.  When he saw her bringing out the bridle, he got so excited!  That certainly wasn’t what we were expecting.

He charged out of the barn on his way to the arena.  She led him around to get him to settle down.  Once he seemed a little better, she mounted up.  Her plan of riding a few laps in there failed.  When he saw the open gate, he bullied his way to it, and she conceded.  

She stayed in the saddle about 3 minutes.  He was so wound up.  Though he stayed at a walk, it was a bouncy, prancy walk.  Ellen decided she would be safer on the ground.

The next day, we decided to try, again.  This time, she led him one lap around the loop and then brought him back to the mounting block.  He was so much better.  Ellen was thrilled.  She went 1.5 laps and then led him the remaining 4.5 laps.  All went well.

The next day was the day after Labor Day.  Here in Cleveland, Labor Day Weekend is Air Show Weekend.  We know how to avoid the jets--which can scare horses--on the weekend, but last year, Ellen was walking him the day after and the jets flew over to go home.  Ranger had a panic attack and could barely breathe.  She didn’t want to risk that, again.  Instead, she just walked him close to the barn, so she could duck right in if necessary.

There were no jets, but after Ellen went home, Kevin was still at the barn when they came over.  THere were 8 of them, and they came one at a time.  We are so glad that Ranger was safe inside when that happened.

The next ride went lovely, again.  She did nearly 2 laps, and she only quit when he started to get a little anxious when he heard some distant machinery.

She is planning to continue to ride him on part of his walks.  He seemed to like it, and Ellen certainly does, too.  I will keep you updated.

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