Monday, April 3, 2017

The Chink in Starry’s Armor

The Chink in Starry’s Armor

Shari and I were riding Bella and Cole on the hill because the river was too high to cross.  We had been on the the hill for about an hour and heading up for the last time when Bella started to get all bouncy.  Shari thought that another trip down was in order so that Bella learns that rushing home wouldn’t get her home any quicker.  

As Shari turned a bouncing Bella around, she got a little too close to Cole.  Cole is very sensitive to other horses getting into his space--particularly if they are acting fractious.  He decided to hightail it out it of there.  He dashed up the hill.  Bella thought that was a great idea and followed.  I spun Cole to get him under control--and that was when he saw Bella coming up behind him.  He felt threatened again and tried to resume his run.

All of this took place in just a couple seconds, and in a couple more, we had Bella and Cole standing still.  They were both still agitated, and Shari suggested dismounting.  I was already jumping down before the word, “Yes” could get out of my mouth.

At that point, we saw Kevin, riding Starry, approaching us.

Kevin asked me to ride one more time down the hill with him.  Shari checked the time, and realized she had to get back to the barn.  I told Kevin I would go with him, and Shari left.

It was an uneventful ride down to the river.  We were about halfway up when we spotted the turkeys close to the trail.  Ten hens and one gorgeous Tom were strolling by.  We often see turkeys when we ride, but this time, for the first time ever, we got to see a Tom fully displaying his magnificence.  He was all puffed out and pretty.  We were fascinated and just stood there watching.

As they got closer, the Tom noticed us.  He would turn to us and puff out even more.  Oh, was he pretty  He kept doing it.  Maybe he thought we would take his girls away?

Starry, the horse who is afraid of just about nothing, was all alert.  Starry, who would let a semi pass him without batting an eye, was raising and lowering his head to try to get a better view of the turkeys.  Starry, who quietly watched a coyote chasing some deer just the week before, was standing there as tense as could be.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Starry was frozen.  When Kevin tried to turn him away to proceed up the hill, Starry tried to scurry away.  This is normal behavior for a spooky horse, but it was bizarre behavior for Starry.  Kevin decided he was safer on the ground.  Starry was still dancing about.  I told him to face the turkeys before trying to dismount.  Kevin turned him toward to the turkeys, and Starry froze once more.

Kevin safely dismounted.  I was already on the ground.  Once Starry started to act up, I got off to prevent a repeat of what happened with Bella.  Cole is very reliable.  When I dismount, he parks out like a proper Morgan and won’t budge--even if I want him to.

Starry was still scared, of course.  We carefully led them up the hill, and I don’t think Starry relaxed until we were about 50 feet away.  Cole wasn’t worried about the turkeys at all.  For all the excitement with Starry, we were happy we got to see the turkeys.  That Tom was just so pretty.

And I got to see Starry acting like a real horse, for a change.

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