Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dante’s “Problem”

Dante’s “Problem”

I mentioned previously that Dante was having trouble crossing the river when things splashed into the water.  I didn’t disclose the problem because it was so embarrassing.  I have a reason to come clean, now.

Dante’s “problem” started when he did his business while crossing the river.  That is what splashed and spooked him.  Poor Ellen.  She has enough anxieties about crossing the river--she didn’t need this, too!

it really made her nervous.  If he hadn’t done his business recently when we crossed the water, she stressed--big time.  

Last weekend, we were riding with Shari on Bella and Kevin on Starry.  When we got to the river crossing that she was so worried about, he still hadn’t done anything the whole ride!  He was due.

Shari and I crossed the river and waited for the other two to follow.  While we were waiting, I reminded her that Dante had this “problem.”  I glanced back and saw that Dante had made it to the island not far from the bank.  Kevin was still on the other side; giving Ellen plenty of space if there was any difficulties.  I continued talking to Shari.

Soon, Ellen was on the other side.  She asked if we had seen the genius.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  She then explained that Dante got stuck on the island and wouldn’t step into the water.  He simply refused--and then he showed his genius.  He did his business on the island and then preceded to cross the river!  He was a genius!

To prove to us that this wasn’t a fluke, the following day we were crossing the “big” river.  It has a large island in the center.  When Dante got to the island, he did his business and then continued crossing.  He really is a genius.  He realized that he, himself, was causing the big splash, and he did something about it.  Genius Horse--Dante!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That's funny. I guess it won't be a problem anymore since Dante knows how to fix it.

Camryn said...

😂 thanks for the early morning chuckle