Monday, July 18, 2016

The Humble Chestnut

Two photos on Facebook--both equally spectacular.  Ellen puts them both on her page.  Cole gets lots of comments about how wonderful he looks.  Dante--all he got was likes.  Such is the like of the humble chestnut.

When we ride together, people we see will tell us how beautiful Cole is.  This happens so much that I don't even get surprised or delighted.  I just expect it.  When they see Dante, they comment about how cute his deer fly bonnet is.

Yes, the black horse will always get all the attention.  Think of the Black Stallion, Black Beauty and other starring black horses in western movies.  The chestnuts are the background horses.  Nobody notices them--they are even used interchangeably.

Cole isn't my first black horse.  Mingo was black, too.  He got plenty of attention.  Cruiser was a chestnut with plenty of chrome--he also got comments about his deer fly bonnet.

Chestnuts are beautiful horses and deserve plenty of accolades, yet somehow they get overlooked.  It is time to recognize the humble chestnut for what he is--gorgeous.


Camryn said...

Yes, I've had that happen more often than not when riding my chestnut mare with blacks & grays. Wondering what will happen when out with my new buckskin?

Judi Daly said...

I ride with a buckskin--you will get plenty of attention!

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