Friday, January 29, 2016

The Super, Ever-Amazing Cole Train!

The Super, Ever-Amazing Cole Train!

The other day, I decided to warm Cole up in the indoor arena while Ellen got Ranger ready for his walk outside.  We were going to walk down to the river and then do some laps on the loop.  It was a sunny, but still chilly morning.  I figured if I trotted around inside, first, I would be warmer and Cole would be more settled for Ranger’s constitutional.

When I brought Cole into the arena, the owner of the pony, Ranger’s little girlfriend, was being lounged for a couple prospective owners. 

This is the first time I have ever ridden with the pony in the arena.  There is nothing like an audience to bring out the show pony in Cole Train.  He pranced into the arena and immediately parked out when I stopped to close the door.  This is normal, but it attracted the attention of the woman who was watching the pony.  She wanted to know what kind of horse he was.  Cole immediately stretched out further.  Then, he took a bow.  I was feeling bad because he was taking attention from the pony during her sales presentation, so I ended the display by hopping on him and riding into the arena.

Cole went right into his silly walk.  The pony’s owner commented on it.  He stepped higher.  I clicked him and treated him---explaining that he teaches himself tricks, I encourage them and then later regret them.  We started to walk,  and when he did his silly walk, I rewarded him by rubbing his withers.  That is how I acknowledge him without encouraging him to do it, again.  He then walked like a normal horse around the arena.

Attention was focused back on the pony, as it should be.  Now, was the time for me to warm up with a trot.    I usually start with a series of transitions with clicks to test his mood and get his focus, but I knew I didn’t have much time before Ranger was ready, so I went right into serious trotting.  I’ve mentioned Cole’s big show trot in the past, and of course he jumped right into it.  He usually does, but he isn’t always consistent in the beginning about keeping it going.  He typically has to do a bunch of snorts before he can really work—but not this time—he had an audience.  His show trot kept getting bigger and more flashy.  I asked for some circles—and they were perfectly round!  I couldn’t believe it.  We were “on” in a big way.  I would click him periodically and give him a carrot—wishing I had peppermints, instead.  Cole had his most amazing 10 minutes in his life.

I glanced over at his audience, and no one was looking.  All eyes were on the pony.  Ellen was in the barn with Ranger.  No one knew about Cole’s spectacular ride except me.

Wait, there was someone watching—the pony.  Is it possible that Cole’s intended audience all along had four legs, not two?  If so, he gave her quite a performance, and I hope she was as impressed as I was.  For he is the Super, Ever-Amazing Cole Train!

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achieve1dream said...

I bet she was totally impressed!! Cole is such a show off!! I really hope I can meet him someday. If I'm ever up in your area you can bet I'll be contacting you. :D