Friday, November 6, 2015


Cole and I are spending our evening rides out on the loop.  The weather has been warm and the nights have been clear.  He has been behaving like a champ.  Sometimes Kevin comes out and walks with us, too.

I have ventured into the arena a couple of times to add variety after doing our loops, and he has been way, way better than he was that first night.  We have just done some walking and a little trotting.  Of course, we had to do laterals.  He just loves them.

As the weather gets colder, I will add more and more arena time.  It is bad enough riding in the dark, but it is even worse riding in the dark and being cold.

Things are different for Ellen during the week.  She can ride in the morning, so she has lovely daylight rides on the loop.  Dante is doing very well for her our there.  Last year, he wasn't consistent.  This year, he is great.

Weekends, of course, we are trail riding.

Ranger and his new girlfriend are working things out.  She greets him when he comes back to the barn.  Yesterday, Ellen heard Ranger squeal at her--and then she squealed back.  Ellen said it was a really cute squeal.

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achieve1dream said...

When do you officially retire? When you do then you'll be able to ride at whatever time of day you want to and ride with your sister. It will be so awesome! :D