Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cole flies

Last night, Kevin and I were finally able to cross the river in at least a week.  Both horses seemed excited to be doing something other than going up and down the hill.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far before we were blocked by a tree across the trail.  Dejectedly, we rode back.  When we were nearly about to cross the river to go home, Kevin suggested turning around and doing it again. 

At first, both horses didn’t want to go away from home, but with a little kick, Cole too the lead at a very vigorous trot.  Soon, we were cantering.  I made him come back down to a trot.  The whole way to the fallen tree, Cole wanted to go as fast as I would let him.  Eventually, we put Starry back in the lead to settle the horses down.  It was as if he knew that the sooner we would get to the fallen tree, the sooner we would turn around to go home.

(Reluctantly deleted)

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