Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Maggie aka Dumb Dog

Here is the result of Maggie's photo session on Easter. Really, truly, she isn't fat at all. She is quite thin. It's just that she has so much hair! When she goes swimming--something she does a lot--I am always amazed at what a skinny dog she is--and then she shakes, and looks over-sized again.

I spend a lot of time grooming her, and I never make any inroads. She sheds a lot, but she always has more hair. When we got her, she had normal length fur, except for her white spot. It had very long hair. Well, that all switched. The black hair kept getting longer and thicker until it surpassed her spot.

She is very soft.

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achieve1dream said...

She is very pretty too! I can't imagine all that hair! She is so fluffy!!!! This is a great photo too, but I still like Thunder's best hehe.