Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Not much of an update

Here is a picture of Ellen on Ranger--her first time in the saddle after she broke her ankle.

I haven’t been blogging too much because the weather has been horrible and I don’t have much to say—except to complain about all the snow and the extremely cold weather. Today, the average daily high went up to 37. it is supposed to be 15. We are happy when the temps get up to 20. See, all I do is complain about the weather.

We have been riding in the arena, since the driveway is too icy to take the guys out. Everyone is doing well, but we are bored and restless to get back on the trail.

Kevin spent the weekend babysitting his grandkids, so I spent the weekend relaxing, reading, cuddling with Thunder and watching “Person of Interest.” Yes, it was a cat party weekend. I got caught up on my sleep and even got the house a little cleaner. I missed Kevin, but I would be a liar to say I didn’t enjoy myself. Thunder was in heaven. He barely left my side. Oh, and I made a big pot of---spaghetti. Heaven.

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