Friday, November 15, 2013

Riding Vacation

Riding Vacation

I took a little riding vacation in the middle of the week, and it was so much fun. It started on Monday night. I decided to give Cole a day off and rode Dante in the arena, instead. This is the first time I ever did it without my sister around, so I got to ride the whole session. I really enjoyed myself. He was so well behaved and attentive. There was another horse being lounged and later ridden while we were in there—and he never even glanced his way. That’s not how it would have been on Cole or Cruiser. It was most wonderful.

Tuesday, we woke up to our first snow of the year—and it was pretty chilly. Ellen was off, too, so we took Cole and Ranger out in the snow for a 5-mile ride. We had fun and managed to stay warm. The river was a little high, so she rode Dante in the arena. I was able to take what I learned from riding the night before to help her out. I have never seen her ride him so well. I had introduced half halts to him, and he was starting to understand them. Well, I coached Ellen on it, and she continued the lesson. He kept moving and a prettier and prettier frame. I led Cruiser for 15 minutes and then rode him for 15 minutes. He did well.

Wednesday, Ellen had to work, so I planned a ride with Kevin. For variety, we decided to do the show ring trails. I haven’t been up there in about a month. Well, between the wind and cold and the fact that it was in the middle of the afternoon—a time I seldom ride—I ended up with a very hyper horse. His worst moment was when Starry took off while he was behind him and startled him. Cole bolted and bucked. You should have seen the look on the fisherman’s face that we nearly ran into. Well, it wasn’t that close, but I think the fisherman thought so. From then on, Cole was charged. I ended up leading him part of the way home—partly due to his behavior and partly because I was cold. I was glad I did because we heard some pretty loud gunshots and he leapt into the air. Starry didn’t notice. I think he is a mutant horse.

Thursday, Ellen was off, again. She asked me to ride Dante since the river was too high for her comfort, but she knew I would be fine. She rode Ranger. Dante was just awesome, though he did spin at the water’s edge on our first try. He was very willing for the second try. We trotted a lot and he didn’t even spook when the flock of turkeys took off to fly across the river. They were so beautiful. A blue heron flew by at the same time. What a sight.

I then took a ride with Cole and Kevin on Starry. They were so much better than the day before, but we were on familiar trails, so that helped. It was the warmest day of the 3, making it a very enjoyable ride.

Ellen then came over my house and we worked on my garden wall until dark. It is nearly complete. Almost all the stones are laid down. I have one corner to fix and then we will level the dirt and wait until spring to get some new topsoil and plant flowers. It has taken me all summer and fall with help from Ellen and Kevin, but it was worth it. It will be so pretty when it is planted.

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achieve1dream said...

Will you be able to share a picture of your garden? I would really like to see it when it's done. :)

When I ride in the winter I get off all the time to walk. People driving by will crack jokes that I'm supposed to be riding or they will ask in concern if my horse is hurt, but I just tell them I'm getting some exercise too and trying to warm up. :)

I'm glad you had some fun rides and that the third ride was perfect. :)