Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cat Training Update

Cat Training Update

I managed a couple more training sessions with Thunder. On Sunday, we just reviewed walking from his scratching pedestal to his scratching post and sitting up. He did it well.

Yesterday, it was time to try a new old trick. This time, I took 3 boxes. One of them he had to step into, and the other two he had to step on to. we practiced going from one box to the next. At one point, he heard something outside and had to go look out the window. I thought the session was over, but after a minute or so, I tapped one of the boxes, and he came back and sat on it.

That’s when I decided to make it tougher. He would be on box #1 and I would tap on box#3—so he had to go over box # 2 to get there. we did some back and forth, and finally, he decided to stop.

Back in the old days, he could go across 5 or 6 boxes at a time. I think I need to get some more boxes. He may be ready for it, soon.

Of course, Maggie sat at my side the whole time to get her kibbles every time Thunder got his Party Mix. I don’t know if she will ever figure out that he is getting treats and she is getting boring dog food.


Val said...

Wow! Cats are really tough students. I am impressed.

Austin Towers said...

LOL at the last paragraph!! Well done on the training. You have patience!!