Friday, December 28, 2012

House Cat Tip of the Month—Dog Torture

House Cat Tip of the Month—Dog Torture

Well, it isn’t really dog torture, that’s just what I imagine that Thunder would call it. Thunder doesn’t like being groomed. Maggie doesn’t mind it, but Thunder would think it is torture, so that’s why we call this game “dog torture.”

My dog, Maggie, and Spaniel/Border Collie mix, has a triple layered coat. She has short hair, medium hair and very long hair. Every day for her is a bad hair day. She looks like she was just in a wind storm. Baths and grooming don’t help the way she looks, but the do help the shedding.

She was afraid of grooming in the beginning, so I used clicker training to desensitize her. It didn’t take long and she loved it. I just give her pieces of her regular portion of dry dog food, but she is in heaven.

Now, one of Thunder’s favorite games is chasing pieces of his daily portion of dry cat food across the floor. Sometimes Maggie gets in the way of his game, so we play “dog torture.” I groom Maggie, click her, give her a treat and then toss a treat to Thunder. Thunder thinks the game is great fun, I keep Maggie from interfering and get her groomed at the same time.

Everybody is happy, and I have less black hair flying about the house.

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