Friday, May 4, 2012

Thunder and his Feather Toy

This is my baby Thunder. He is on his round pedestal—note—he is sitting on a feather toy. Every day, and sometimes a couple times a day, I put it on the sewing machine with the feather end just sticking over the edge. When no one is around, he stretches up and knocks it down. Sometimes he leaves it there where is falls. Sometimes he carries it places. The other night, he brought it upstairs and left it on my bed. I have found it on the dining room table many times. He’ll put it on his pedestals or just leave it in random places on the floor. I

I find it, and make a big deal about it. He pretends he knows nothing about it. I put it back, and when no one is around…

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achieve1dream said...

LOL! What a fun game! And he's so cute!