Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Land of Hope and Dreams

Had a great ride—actually 2 great rides, yesterday. The first was on Cole with my boyfriend and Starry. I think my boyfriend is getting a little crazy. He always complains that his horse goes too slow, and he does. Well, he speeds up with another horse. We started out trotting with Starry in the lead—and I saw my boyfriend tapping him lightly with the whip every few strides. I was hoping for a quiet trot, and he wanted just to go faster and faster. Cole took it all in stride.

After that, I thought I would lead. Starry usually won’t pass another horse. This way, I could control the speed. We started out trotting the next section of trail much calmer—until Star did try to pass! Cole didn’t like it and stopped. We walked a ways until we got to a spot where I have cantered Cole a lot. I was in the trotting in the lead and Cole was hoping to canter, so he really picked up the speed. I heard Star cantering behind us. Cole kept at the trot. My boyfriend was happy, and so was I. We took a little break and then did one final stretch of trail with Cole in the lead. He went a little slower, but still kept a fast enough speed that Starry and my boyfriend were happy. We turned around and walked home. It turned out to be a great ride.

I took Cruiser out by myself. We did the same ride, but I had to do some trotting on the way home because I was running out of daylight. Of course, Cruiser was getting excited from it. I had to keep stopping him and restarting him. We did make it back to the barn before it got too dark. I don’t mind riding in the dark, but we do have to go along a little stretch of road to get to our barn.

They get the night off, today. I have a date with a guy named Bruce…

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achieve1dream said...

Who is Bruce? Your boyfriend?

It sounds like your boyfriend has a need for speed lol!! I'm glad you found a solution that made all four of your happy. ;)